Welcome!  If you haven’t been here before you are probably wondering why “Pilot” for the name of my blog.  Simply put that is how most people remember me.  Why?  For over 16 years I was a pilot in the Air Force Reserves and for nearly 20 years, I have been a pilot for a major airline.  In the military of course I had a “call sign”.  At first it was “Data” because I was the squadron computer geek.  As lame as that was, the first rule of the call sign is “don’t fight it”.  If you do it will stick like crazy glue.  One day in a big meeting the boss said “Why don’t you just take over the world while you are at it.”  Another pilot who also fly’s for the same airline laughed and said “Brain”.  And that stuck.  Not being a fan of Pinky and the Brain (yet), I didn’t get it.  Then I watched the show and figured, it wasn’t a bad callsign.  So if you hear someone yell “Brain” in the airport, I might just be cruising by.

I am still flying while I continue to write The Easy Guide Books, speak and occasionally land a small acting gig here and there.  In between all of that, I stop here and wax philosophical about business and life when there isn’t any surf. You can also connect with me and follow my crazy life on Facebook and Twitter.

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Thank you for stopping by, please hang out and look around, and let everyone know where you want your life to go next!