Success On The Beach – WhiteBoard Method

The whiteboard method is the tool I use to find clarity when it comes to my life and my business.

Everytime something goes good or bad or I feel like I need a change, a whiteboard comes out.

If you have a family or live with someone, the whiteboard method helps you identify potential conflicts and opens that discussion.

For instance when my wife and I were living in our last home, it was a great house, in a great location but something was missing.

We pulled out a white board and each wrote a list of “wants” in one column, and a list of “don’t wants” in another.

Defining both the wants and dont wants is critical.

One of my wife’s don’t wants was “humidity”. We were living in Houston at the time.

Since I didn’t want Humidity, it was easy for me to support her want.

One of my wants was a three car garage. She didn’t care, so she could support my want.

When we bought our current house, we achieved 19 of the 23 wants, and only one “don’t want” came with the house.

We agreed to revisit the list in three years.

After 5 years, we started the whole process over, and discovered that we had since altered our wants

The beach lifestyle changed how we lived and entertained so it turned out that two of our wants were no longer important

Also we found a couple of new wants and don’t wants.

In just eight weeks, the contractors are starting work to add all but one remaining want, and fix our three don’t wants.

We have now lived in this house longer than any other house we have owned.

By using the whiteboard method we worked together to find the house we wanted in the place we wanted.

For years I have been coaching people using the whiteboard method to help them find better jobs, build better businesses and eventually find their own success and define their own beach.

Now that you have a quick peek at the white board method, give it a try next time you think you need to make a big change and let me know how it helps you.

Thank you for watching, and of course, please come back for more tips for achieving your Success on the Beach.

Success On The Beach – Giving

This week I found a article in inc. magazine and tweeted it out. The premise was that money can buy happiness.

When I read the headline of the article, it reminded me of a comedian who said

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness is an idiot, I ain’t never seen anyone crying on a jet-ski!

If you read the article, you know the idea, but for everyone else, here are the

I don’t have enough time for all of this stuff highlights, and some ideas for you to leverage that information.

The authors contend that buying things gives us a short term pleasure but GIVING things gives us a longer term pleasure.

The premise is that when you have money to buy things and give them to other people, you are happier. Therefore the authors say that money can in fact buy happiness.

But do you need money to buy happiness? We all know the lack of money can cause a lot of stress, especially when it comes to small business owners and independent people like you.

A lack of money just means you can’t buy gifts, it doesn’t mean you can’t give gifts.

While you are starting your business, or expanding your horizons at your work acting like an independent contractor, money might feel tight, so how can you give so you can still make people happy.

In fact when you give someone more than they are paying for in your business, you might just be giving them the gift they needed. If you aren’t happier when you get paid for your work, and the people paying you aren’t happy, maybe it is time to find different work?

You can also volunteer, and I already hear you that you are already out of time, but I’m telling you, find a couple of hours a month to volunteer and it will pay dividends in your long term success.

So can money buy happiness? Maybe, can giving help you be happier probably.

Does being broke suck? absolutley!

Come back next time and spend a few minutes growing your life, your business and ultimately your happiness.