Does FaceTime Need A Keypad?

With the melding of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite and iCloud drive, you might start feeling a bit beholden to Apple.  I know I feel like I just crossed the point of no return.

Mac on my Desk, iPad running my home lighting system and alarm, GeoTracking so my house “knows” when I am home or away.  Even then I could pretty easily go back.

The most important communications in my house is still the phone. Customers, agents and occasionally my family call me on the phone.  Email, I got that on the phone too if I need it, but lets face it, 90% of all the email I get I won’t ever read.  I do answer the phone.

Cell reception in my home is a joke.  Anytime I change rooms the call drops.  For $100 I fixed that problem and bought a wireless phone system that connects to my cell via bluetooth.  So I could answer my iPhone from my office and the balance was restored, or so I thought.

Then along comes OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.  Suddenly my Mac is ringing and the caller id is on my screen.  I can’ answer calls on my computer?  Sure enough it works.  Well sort of.

I have a Google Voice number so that I can get better at call screening. The first call that comes in is a name that many actors would know, and was a call I wanted to take.  A little exited to talk on my new toy,  I answered the call and the voice says “press one to answer”.  My caller went to Voicemail.

Later, a call comes in from our service.  Again I need to enter a code to get the message.  Message missed.

Quickly I realized that without a keypad, any call coming in that might bring me paid work I can’t get.  So much for the great fun of answering my calls on my computer.

Until FaceTime gets a keypad, it’s still just FaceTime.

OSX Yosemite – Should You Upgrade?

If you are thinking about upgrading to OS X Yosemite, well we did.  In my office I made the mistake of upgrading our iPhones to 8.0.0 way too early.  8.0.1 didn’t fix anything, in fact it got worse.  If you follow my other posts, 8.0.2 had its own set of issues caused by iCloud drive.  A new feature I don’t yet understand.

Flaw number one with my early upgrade plan was that I could no longer get to my iCloud docs on my iPhone or iPad.  Yup I upgraded it too.

So when Yosemite came available on the 16th, I waited.  After four days I didn’t see any really worrisome blogs about Yosemite, so I gave it a shot.  First I upgraded my Mac Mini, and then during the boredom of watching the upgrade, I decided to go ahead and upgrade my MacBook Air.

Plan not so good.  For several hours I was without both computers.  I decided to go flying, since the surf was getting rough by that time.

When I got back both computers had upgraded, and list of about a dozen apps that needed to be upgraded popped up.  On our main computers Parallels was the critical ap, and that one came with a $49.99 upgrade price tag.  We need it, I paid it.

For the laptops, it was mostly Apple software that needed upgrading.  The first thing I noticed after waiting through all the upgrade was my password protected Numbers file of my password list no longer needed a password!  Wow was that odd.

On our big dual screen computers, the scaling for any resolution but the maximum for the screen looked a bit blurry.

For the MacBook Air, the upgrade issue was the lack of space.  When I looked at the hard drive “other” was taking up the most space, and I had no idea how to know what that was, so I backed up every document, video and photo and deleted them to get enough room to do the upgrade.

I am told there is software that will help me figure out what all this “other” stuff is, but why can’t I just click it and get a listing to work through?

After the upgrade was done, another GB of free space opened up.  That was the good news.  I don’t know if the OS is smaller by a GB or what happened but I went from 12.1GB of free space after deleting every document and photo from my MacBook Air to 13.4 GB.  You tell me.

So far, no other issues.  I’ll keep you posted and if you see something different, please post it here so we can all learn from it.