Success On The Beach – WhiteBoard Method

The whiteboard method is the tool I use to find clarity when it comes to my life and my business.

Everytime something goes good or bad or I feel like I need a change, a whiteboard comes out.

If you have a family or live with someone, the whiteboard method helps you identify potential conflicts and opens that discussion.

For instance when my wife and I were living in our last home, it was a great house, in a great location but something was missing.

We pulled out a white board and each wrote a list of “wants” in one column, and a list of “don’t wants” in another.

Defining both the wants and dont wants is critical.

One of my wife’s don’t wants was “humidity”. We were living in Houston at the time.

Since I didn’t want Humidity, it was easy for me to support her want.

One of my wants was a three car garage. She didn’t care, so she could support my want.

When we bought our current house, we achieved 19 of the 23 wants, and only one “don’t want” came with the house.

We agreed to revisit the list in three years.

After 5 years, we started the whole process over, and discovered that we had since altered our wants

The beach lifestyle changed how we lived and entertained so it turned out that two of our wants were no longer important

Also we found a couple of new wants and don’t wants.

In just eight weeks, the contractors are starting work to add all but one remaining want, and fix our three don’t wants.

We have now lived in this house longer than any other house we have owned.

By using the whiteboard method we worked together to find the house we wanted in the place we wanted.

For years I have been coaching people using the whiteboard method to help them find better jobs, build better businesses and eventually find their own success and define their own beach.

Now that you have a quick peek at the white board method, give it a try next time you think you need to make a big change and let me know how it helps you.

Thank you for watching, and of course, please come back for more tips for achieving your Success on the Beach.

Success On The Beach – Introduction

Success on the Beach was created after working with hundreds of different people just like you.

Everyone had a different idea of success

Everyone had a different place of success

The best thing that ever happened for my life and my business, was sitting down and defining what I called success.  I did that with the “White Board Method”.  Look for an episode about that soon.

The next step was to sit down with my family and let them know what I was going to do in order to achieve that success.

Clearly defining what it would take and what I would give up helps everyone support me in my journey

My beach is literally the beach. For me success meant the flexibility to live at the beach and surf at least 8 days a month.

For some people it might be skiing, or hiking, but inside all of us is our own version of success on the beach.

One caution here, success isn’t a single thing you can grab onto, it is a place for you to go.

An attorney once said to me “All I want is that one big case”

After he got it, and won it, what do you think happened?

He realized the case itself was only a rest stop on his journey to success.

Since then he has redefined his journey

In each episode I’ll cover one topic to help you define success or help you find your own beach,

Occasionally I’ll bring in another guest or talk about how to get your family and friends on board to support your journey.

Thank you for watching, and if there is something you want to talk please leave a comment.

You will be surprised how many other people want to know the answer too.

Don’t worry there is enough for everyone to find their own success on the beach.