Defining Who I Am and Who You Are.


This morning I asked myself the right question, but completely by accident. After getting out of bed I started looking over notes for my upcoming meeting

It’s about the struggle

Maslows pyramid

Why do parents try to eliminate the struggle from their kids lives? A long time ago I realized that every human is doing the best they can given who they are. When someone is rude to you, they probably don’t know any better. It changed how I look at people in general. I judge a […]

Glass or Plastic, Which is More Green?


In the 1970’s plastic bottles didn’t exist. Then one day, there they were. The plastics industry convinced us that they saved fuel because they were lighter to transport, and didn’t have to go back to the bottling plant to “waste water” and get washed. What were we thinking. Today we are in a very different […]

Who Nominates Best Male Actor?

SAG Actor Card

This year I got a letter that invited me to be on the Nominating Committee for the Award of Best Male Actor. Of Course I said yes, who wouldn’t? Being an unknown actor in Hollywood generally doesn’t have many perks. I have been told my SAG card will get me into movies free. I’ve tried, […]

Being Too Efficient Kills Effectiveness

When More Is Not Better Cover

For many years I have said “Being too efficient kills effectiveness”. The big issue for me is that I just get it. I am not always smart enough to explain it. In college when the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster occurred, I was an Air Force Security Policeman. I was also in college taking basic classes. […]

Got Electric? Car that is.


Charging at $1.00 per hour at 3 Kw per hour, means about four and a half hours for  a full charge, and it is the same as buying gas.  I have a problem with paying by the hour like this as a Volt owner though. Recently I have seen rates as high as $3.20 per KwH. Thats like paying $7 a gallon for fuel. Really?

Bitcoin Riches, Are You In?


Bitcoin, What is it and should you care? Bitcoin has been getting a lot of attention lately, and it should.  Why?  Well lets start with what it is. Bitcoin is a “virtual” currency.  Many call it “Crypto currency”, probably because of the security necessary to give it any illusion of security. Bitcoin works similar to […]

Urban, er Suburban Mid Life Thoughts


At the end of 2015 I was looking for my next CoolToy. After a little soul searching I went with the Jeep JKU. When the 2016 JK showed up, it was a perfect statement of where I was in life.

Facebook Re-Post


I posted this originally on Facebook, and believe I need to repost here to insure it’s survival While I don’t post here often, and I know almost no one ever reads anything here, I did post something on Facebook that may be removed. It is possible that google won’t index my site and it will […]