Books I’ve Written or Worked On

Books Currently Available.

Green Giants Audio Book – How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion Dollar Businesses by E. Freya Williams, Read by Kelly Bourquin, Green Giants is a great read for any up and coming business mogul that wants to build a sustainable business that helps make the world a better place.

Success Today – Co-authored with another Best Selling Author, Brian Tracy, Success Today brings together success experts to help you find that key to move your life forward faster.  Few topics have been written about as much as SUCCESS. Even among most seriously-discussed subjects like religion and politics, the concept of success plays a critical role. Something just as interesting is that success means different things to each of us. This reflects the individuality that we enjoy.

The Easy Guide Books

Have you ever wanted to do something that looked easy and found tons of information that you didn’t need? Have you ever wanted to do more but felt like you didn’t have the time?  Are you working 80 hours a week and still Falling behind?

There is tons of stuff out there even for simple tasks.  People way over think stuff.

The great secret of doing more in less time is doing it the easy way.  Making extra work, and spending time filtering the noise both slow you down.  

I created the easy guides to fix this.

When I fly an airplane, I jump in, run a checklist and go.  If you watched it would look easy.  If you grabbed the checklist and tried it yourself it might be a different story.  

When pilots get to a new airplane, the use an “expanded checklist” to speed up learning and practice better until it becomes easy, even second nature.  That is what the easy guides are. Expanded checklists that help you get started quicker and build a solid foundation that lets you do more in less time.

In each of the easy guides, You will just find simple step by step guides to help you get the job done in the least amount of time because wasted time is time you never get back.  Each section will be the major step.  If you are comfortable with the step, simply skip to the next one.  If not what you need to know will be right there for you.

Simplifying is not about getting rid of things we have worked so hard for….it’s about deciding what’s important to us and gracefully letting go of things that aren’t.  Elaine St James

The Easy Guide To Internet Marketing – Own a business?  Actor?  Need to market yourself, your product or your business?  Start here and build your foundation right.

How To Market On Facebook For Free. – This is being updated with the lessons of Lolly Wolly Doodle, The champion of Facebook Marketing.

How to Market on Google Plus for Free 

So Now What? – A guide to finding a new job when the old one didn’t work out or you are leaving government services.

Updated versions and More Easy Guide’s Coming soon.

My Reading List – Books I recently read and liked,  and no I didn’t write any of these.  I do read about a book a week, in addition to the rest of my crazy life.  Most of the books I read just re-hash the same old themes.  There are about 100 books that I liked enough to keep on my shelves, most are business related.  These books are different, and they all earned my personal stamp of approval, each for very different reasons.

Outliers – A different way to look at people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

10% Happier – Doesn’t everyone want to be just a little happier?

Bang Your Head – For any serious Rock Fan.

The One Thing – A big chunk of my secret to doing it all is right here.

How An Economy Grows And Why It Crashes – Something every high school graduate should know.

The Laws of Success in 16 Lessons – Not just for Business owners, these rules help in all aspects of life, not for the beginner reader, over 1500 pages.