CoolToys – Can One Help You Sleep Better?


This week on CoolToys.TV, I compared two models of the Jawbone Up, a fitbit model and a smart watch.  Why?

Well, like many of you I am sure, I woke up one morning during the new year and finally got the courage to step onto a scale.  The damage?  Twelve pounds.  The weather has been bad so I haven’t been running or surfing as much, and I have been spending a lot more time in traffic and in studios.  Not a good formula for keeping the weight off.

Two years ago when Dr. Goldberg and I made a small wager on who could lose twenty pounds the fastest, I grabbed a Jawbone Up24 and used it to track running distance and calories.

I discovered the Jawbone Up24 had a side talent of being able to help me power nap, and for anyone in todays world a proper power nap can be the key to a successful day.

When my Jawbone Up 24 button died, I picked up the Up3 and my wife chose a fitbit model, thus began the challenge.

You can see the results on CoolToys.TV.