The Age Of Deception


Are we living in the Age of Deception?, Author James Dale Davidson seems to think so.  If you ever wondered why neither party seems to get it right, maybe you are being deceived?

While there are a couple of ideas in the book about the balance of capital I am not sure about, Mr. Davidson does a nice job explaining Government finance in a way that most people with a high school education can understand.

If you are frustrated by protests about issues that make no sense put on using paid protestors, The Age of Deception may be an enlightening read for you.  The bureaucrats are going keep spending until you run out of money.

Social programs are being cut, and people can’t figure out why, The Age of Deception tells you why. Instead of discussing government programs and finance from soundbites on TV, maybe it’s time to gain an understanding about living in the Age of Deception.