Who Do You Listen Too?


One thing there is not shortage of is advice.  Everywhere you go there are people who have ideas, opinions and you guessed it, advice.
So how do you know what advice is good?
For over a year I took business advice from a guy who had all of the “trappings of success”.  New car, wife didn’t work, she just spent all day in the gym, new house and all the toys.
24 months later he was out of business.  Fortunately I figured out his advice was just regurgitated nonsense from business magazine articles written by people who’ve never run a business.
The truth is you don’t until you follow someones advice and you figure out it is good or bunk.
I have a simple rule now that has worked quite well.  Be careful who You listen too.  If they aren’t at least three times more successful than I am in a given area,  I listen, file and move on.   Now if I can’t verify the measure of success I ignore it.
When I wanted advice on writing better books, I sought out Brian Tracy, a best selling author of books similar to mine.
When I wanted to learn how to make more money in Real Estate, I went to a guy making millions of dollars each year in Real Estate and Millions more as a speaker and teacher.  Most of those “gurus” make money selling information, not doing what they sell.
All of the easy guide books are the result of a process to get something done.  If I couldn’t make it work easy, I didn’t bother to write a book about it.
So, next time someone is offering you advice, make sure it actually worked for them.  It will save you a lot of time and money.